Kursus navn: Sikkerhedskursus HH 2018-03.12.2018
Navn Rederi Skib
Tanja Savic ForSea
Qendressa Doberdolani ForSea
Birgitte Bisgaard DFDS A/S
Michelle Rousing DFDS A/S
Rosa Lüders Lindhardt DFDS A/S
Camilla Christensen DFDS A/S
Benjamin Rasmussen DFDS A/S
Max-Raban Roland Scheithauer DFDS A/S
Louise Anholm Ritter DFDS A/S
Martin Dorf Fjord Line Stavangerfjord
Eline Otterstad Fjord Line Bergensfjord
Anneli Malmgren ForSea Mercandia
Jessica Eriksson DFDS A/S
Sissel Thiellesen Fjord Line Stavangerfjord
Odin Lønseth Fjord Line Bergensfjord
Anne Stengaard Pedersen DFDS A/S
Oskar Buch Kristensen DFDS A/S
Simon Palman Christensen
Piranavan Selvan Nagesan DFDS A/S
Tony Steffen Clausen DFDS A/S

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